Wealth Bootcamp 3.0

September 24, 2017 | 1:00PM
Harolds Hotel Cebu

Get Ready to be Inspired

For the past few years, more and more Filipinos were able to start their own investments and businesses with the help of seminars like WealthBootCamp (WBC). Financial literacy is now being promoted by the Duterte administration, companies, and even schools as our country have realized its importance. Recently, we launched "WealthBootCamp: From Zero to Hero" last November 2016 with the same goal of promoting the right money skills to all Filipinos, students, employees or business owners. Then came WBC2.0 with guest Cebuano Entrepreneur Bunny Pages. It was a blast!!! All attendees, who were aspiring "negosyantes", sales people, real estate people, insurance advisors, lawyers, professionals, students and parents, were blessed that day, March 19, 2017.

Now, we have bigger reasons to attend the more explosive and exciting 3rd wave of WBC Series, the WealthBootCamp 3.0 (WBC 3.0):

  • You can learn from the best – WBC 3.0 only has the best for you. One of the most inspiring business leader and social entrepreneur will share his knowledge and practical wisdom, both to existing and aspiring entrepreneurs. Learn from Mr. Mike Maranan, - hear his inspiring "Rags to Riches" story, now owns several successful businesses across the country, a farm owner that promotes organic produce in Taal and a multi-millionaire with a heart, especially for children with cancer (My Superhero Friends Foundation Inc.). His life story of success and entrepreneurship was featured by Korina Sanchez at Balitang K, and the latest, was March 28, 2017 at My Puhunan TV show by Karen Davila.
  • You can get to know the previous event, WealthBootCamp (WBC 1.0 and WBC2.0) speakers personally – Meet them face to face. These young and passionate people who has it in their hearts to help and lead fellow Filipinos how to be financially free, will be more than happy to meet you.
  • It has the best growth-environment opportunities – Meet like-minded people who are also financial success advocates and aspiring entrepreneurs. Share knowledge, expand your circle and also your net worth.
  • You can get a fresh perspective – Be in the know on the latest on personal finance, business trends & applicable leadership principles. It will also help you grow the right money mindset so you can manage your risks to maximize profitability & financial success.
  • We believe in giving people a chance - to grow in knowledge, experience and skills. To have financial freedom and wealth, we have to build the 2 core pillars namely Financial Skills and Entrepreneurial Skills. The financial skills refer to "how good you are with money, or money skills". The entrepreneurial skills refer to "how good you are with people or people skills." This event will deliver this message to the right people with the right mindset.

Whether you are a student, a hardworking employee, a self-employed professional or a business owner - in this fast-paced, challenging times, you need to have the "right environment" to help you SUCCEED!

A full 240-minute event where you will find all of these and a whole lot more on SEPTEMBER 24, 2017, Harolds Hotel, Cebu City. For more information, contact the SUPPORT TEAM at 0917-321-0480, 0922-876-7786 or your Wealthbootcamp trainer.

This program will incorporate universal concepts of leadership, business, finance and everything you need to achieve success.

WealthBootCamp 3.0 will only have a "limited seating capacity" to make it valuable - so make sure you register immediately.


The learning fee of the program is only (Learning Investment) ₽2,500.00 — an investment that will have exponential returns in your career, business & financial life. It comes with a FREE WEALTH KIT (Workbook for Financial Workshop) AND a FREE Access to Financial Coaching Session.FREE flowing coffee, tea and station pads, pens and mints.

FREE Wi-fi access in the function room so you can take pictures & update your FB accounts while attending the event.

And Here's our Gift to You - Our EARLY BIRD Promo!!!

For EARLY BIRD registrants, instead of investing ₽2,500.00 (regular rate), you'll get a 30% discount (less). Yes, your registration is only ₽1,750.00 if you register today. It's our gift to you. After which, the rate would go up to Regular Rate. So register now!!!


Here's more - the discounted learning fee of ₽1,750.00 is good for 1 Attendee. But if you wish to bring 2 friends (attendees) with you, their seat price is FREE. Yes, FREE for your 2 friends (attendees), if you register & call us today. This is another give-away!!!

It means that when you register at ₽1,750.00 now, you can bring 2 FRIENDs or 2 FAMILY members with you to the event for an additional ZERO investment. That's too good to be true - YES, it's too good, AND it's true! Act now! Call our number now (0917-321-0480) to register your name and your 2 friends!

We want you to bless other people by sharing this wonderful chance and learning opportunity with someone!

Part of the proceeds of this event will go to the My Superhero Friends Foundation Inc. - a charitable group for kids with cancer.


Hurry and register your self and friends to this great learning event!!!

Payment Options

Follow the simple steps to secure your slot

Deposit the learning fee to:

CHINABANK (not Chinabank Savings)

Account Number: 185-16-999-15Account


Banco de Oro

Account Number: 0023-1035-1659

Account Name: Aezel Aguirre

BPI (not BPI Family Bank)

Account Number: 1359-3656-63

Account Name: Mark Daryll Dy

IMPORTANT! IMPORTANT! IMPORTANT!Send the photo of the deposit or transaction slip to nickyc4u@gmail.com and indicate your NAME/CONTACT NUMBER in the email.

Pinoy Money Matters Team